if you have a problem downloading your files after your purchase has been made, please get in touch (through the contact page or email) and Jenny will email you the pdf(s).

it helps to keep your patterns on an external drive or saved in your email in the event that your phone/computer/tablet or any other electronic device becomes defective/lost/stolen/etc.

 if, for any reason, you do need to access another pdf of a previous purchase, please contact us with your order number/purchase receipt copy, which site/shop you placed your order and a new pdf will be sent.

Are any of your patterns available in a hardcopy version?

LeilaPatterns is a green & friendly website. for environmental considerations; we don’t offer hardcopies.

we leave the choice to our customers to choose if they want to print the document or not.

Can I share your pattern(s) that I purchased with my friend/family member?

no, please do not do that.

the person who has purchased the pattern is the only person that should be viewing the pdf.

if your friends or family members are interested in creating that same piece, please direct them to any of the platforms to purchase their own copy  

 please remember that sharing the pattern is considered theft and just really disrespectful to the pattern designer. 

I didn’t get the email with my purchased pattern!

please check your spam/junk folder first.  if it’s not in there, don’t worry, sometimes technology isn’t as reliable as we think. 

please email us at Support@Leilapatterns.com and we will check your payment and email you the pattern directly as soon as possible.

I don’t understand something in one of your patterns, how can I get help?”

if you see that you need help with any of my patterns, please get in touch via the contact page and i will try to get back to you as soon as i can.